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House 22

House 22
Aka The House of Heart


  • wild rose bushes planted in front of the front porch that are overgrown and untrimmed and winding their way up the lattice of the porch

  • covered front porch with a small table and bench

  • back porch that is no more than a raised wooden deck – comes with wooden lawn chair. Law's herb garden is here in pots: Aloe, ginseng, peppermint, lavender, chamomile, sage, thyme, rosemary, feverfew, comfrey

  • Itachi's vegetable garden behind the house. Includes tomatoes, pumpkins, carrots and cabbages

  • back yard bordering the woods – there is an apple tree and a plum tree growing here. They both will bear fruit


The house is very clean and organised. Law and Itachi run a tight shop. There are likely a couple emergency weapons hidden around. There is also a small basement/storm shelter, made by Law's DF powers over several months. Walls, floor, and ceiling are stone, watertight, and the access point is under the stairs going to the upstairs in the house. As well there is a house attached greenhouse accessible through a door out the living room.

First floor:


  • has the basic and maybe not so basic appliances: fridge, oven and stove combo, dishwasher, coffee maker, food processor, toaster, rice cooker, electric tea kettle

  • washer and dryer can be found here too

  • tons of food and alcohol can be found in fridge and the cupboards

  • has a small kitchen table with four chairs for dining

  • Amaya and Sumire’s litter box and food dishes can be found in a corner

  • though not shown in the picture, there is a door to the back here

  • Living Room:

  • the Heart Pirates flag is here, displayed above the couch

  • has a couch, a coffee table, a bookcase (filled with pilfered books from the library), and two easy chairs

  • goldfish bowl on the coffee table with the goldfish that Katara won in the Luceti Valley experiment. Peculiarly enough, despite everything, this fish does not die (It’s survived droid attacks, the Incredible Hulk, Sumire, and time). It’s suspected oocly that one of the Malnosso is taking care of it on the sly

  • Guest Room:

  • it is being used as Law’s office until further notice – has all his paperwork and notes in it. Includes Law's personal inventory of drugs in the Battle Dome Clinic

  • spare maps and charts of Luceti’s oceans, land, and stars found here (all bless the Battle Dome’s Xerox machine)

  • simply furnished: bed, dresser, nightstand, and desk

  • Bathroom:

  • basic set up – shower, sink, toilet, medicine cabinet

  • medicine cabinet is full of grooming supplies (shampoo, deodorant, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, razors) and vitamins, and medicines

Second Floor:

    Storage room:

  • all loose bits and bobs found here: spare weapons and ninja gear, sword sharpening supplies, sewing supplies, ship and fishing supplies, medical supplies, shogi board and tiles, preserved foods (apples, plums, mikans, fish, etc.), binoculars…

  • Itachi's Room:

  • simply furnished: bed, dresser, nightstand, and desk

  • Law’s Room:

  • double bed (from Luceti Valley experiment) with handmade quilt

  • knife stashed under pillow

  • wall mounted sword rack

  • safe in closet – nothing in there, aka decoy – valuables are hidden somewhere else

  • full length mirror on the door

  • dresser, nightstand, reading lamp, alarm clock, and desk