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It’s funny how you fool yourself into thinking things will never end… )

Perona has gone home. She left letters and gifts for others. I’ll bring them around soon.

[Writing it makes it all the more final. Itachi will be worried by now and Law should return to him. Or he’s already out looking. The stars in the sky tell him it’s very late indeed.

On the way back, he forces himself to keep running through another set of names. Everyone he has left. He is the last, but he has to remember he is not alone.]

[The morning passes in a blur. He’s not sure of what he does except for bits and pieces. Passing out things, probably. Giving condolences. Tea. He definitely had tea. He visits Mister Leon for Specialist Davis’s Shift detecting glasses and mentions to him that he’s going down to the third level of the tunnels to explore.

Then he hits the Smithy to ask if anyone would like to go with him. After all, the third level looks to be a former mining complex.

It’s a temporary escape and only that. And then he has to start dealing. Start marching forward and face it all head on. Somehow.

Law doesn’t expect to find anything big down there, but who knows. It’s doubtful that Luceti is out of surprises.]
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[Happy Birthday, Trafalgar Law. You’ve managed to survive to the ripe old age of twenty seven.

The thought is sardonic in the morning as he shaves and prepares for the day. There’s a couple of silvery blue-gray hairs present in the mirror this morning; easily covered by the hat he always wears. Honestly he never thought he’d live long enough to see them and the emotions are mixed. Law doesn’t allow himself to dwell on them… his fiance’s waiting for his turn. He wonders if he’s in for a surprise later, and that sparks some anticipation in him, though it quickly dulls after the bright, initial flare.

The face that stares back from the mirror as he cleans out all his whiskers in the sink is quiet and subdued. Well… after everything… he supposes that’s normal. Even if it’s now been remarked on many times that he barely smiles these days and Itachi nets most of those. It’s normal. It’s to be expected.

It’s what it is.

The pirate has business to attend to. He looks for Raine Sage to inform her of the information found during the mission that didn’t come up on the locked network. If he can’t find her, Albert will do just as well. Katara he looks for specifically to tell her in person that he’s getting married. Not to mention he wants to just spend time around family for a while. Other people are not avoided, but not precisely sought.

He does keep an eye out for Luke and Marco though. As well as Sasuke. Gai. Nagato. Konan. Various different reasons there, but he wouldn’t mind talking to them.

However the day goes, the close will find him waiting for Itachi silently on their couch. He’s holding a beach ball sized Room, and there’s a sense his Haki’s active. Not terribly out of the ordinary except for the leaf stuck to his forehead and a slow smile, perhaps the first of the day. Success in balancing the three arts finally.

It’s not much, but it’s something. He’ll take it.]
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Introspection )

[Sunday morning finds Law at the Memorial Garden planting white heather, and then to the Shrine. He’s not sure what to do here, really. He’s never been religious, just spiritual in his own way, and the traditions outside a wedding or a funeral or basically acting mannerly at a shrine are ones he’s unfamiliar with.

All the crows around the building are comforting, really.

Later in the morning, he hits the beach. It’s the closest to home he can get, and before he takes the Shinonome out for a few hours, he finds a log hauled up the sand and just sits. Watches the waves crash on shore.

Afternoon finds him at the Battle Dome training. Or more specifically, training by fighting with his eyes bandaged over. The safeties are only on for this session, normally Law does without, but he’s testing the limits of what he can perceive with his Haki. He swings by the Item Shop to pick up a Go board and everything that needs to go with it, and then heads home to set up with that and his Shogi board on the porch.

It’s time to coax some spirits over to play and try to work back into feeling comfortable with their presence. Games seem to work wonders, and soon House 22’s backyard is as spirit central as it ever gets, admittedly with not all those involved playing, but all involved commenting. And arguing. And teasing. And whatever else that floats their boat.

Through it all the wind blows leaves through the backyard. One remains stubbornly stuck to Law’s forehead. He seemingly pays it no mind as he plays on.]
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As we all set sail to the ends of the sea … )

[Filtered 100% from Marco (Its action for you)]

I’m sorry to inform you that Sanji, Miss Robin, and Miss Vivi have left Luceti and now we’re absent the Strawhat crew. Sanji left letters for some of you. I’ll be delivering them tomorrow. Wish them good sailing.

And I have a favour to ask one of his good friends on behalf of him. His cat Pumpkin needs someone to care for her. Would one of you mind taking her in?

[And then it’s done and there’s nothing left for him in the house. Nothing but memories and ghosts of the pirates who lived there.]

See you in the New World.

[The journal clicks off. Law shuts the door, and carries Pumpkin and the letters out, past the mikan and sakura trees planted out from, to House 22, then CH3, then the bar. Leaves House 6 behind.

… leaves it behind with the Strawhat flag finally flying high outside.]
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In the end… … no regrets )

[Finally, Law opens his journal. This… is the part he’s been holding off on. It’s difficult enough dealing alone. He just wants to run off to the sea… but for a variety of reasons, he can’t. He writes:]

For those who knew him, Uchiha Itachi has been sent home.
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[Law’s journal clicks on, thanks to the meddling of two annoying houseguests, far, far away from the man (who is manfully restraining some violent urges towards his visitors.), and records the following conversation.]

*Hic* - Hey! Hey, Jack! You gotta try this orange soda. It’s got some kick.

Santa’s going to be mad at you. No drinking on the job! … uh, where did you find that stuff, anyway?

[Inquiring elves want to know, okay?]


… yeah. Just... don't touch anything in there anymore. Now where did those two goo--- oh? Did you hear that? Mike? [The faint sound of high pitched mewing.] Chris Christmas! MIKE! Get back here. We’re on a mission!


That’s very nice, Mike. Now leave them alone before the mama… oh dear… mommy cats--- MIKE, JUST RUN!

… a~aah… *hic*?




... every year. Hang on Mike, I'm coming!

[Footsteps sound and the journal is picked up, revealing a green clad elf brandishing a candy cane wildly and danging in air by the collar from a gray cat's mouth, while a red clad elf is sobbing hysterically under the paw of a black cat surrounded by her three kittens, just a day old.

Law sighs loudly. Cranky pirate captain doctor is cranky:]

Troublesome. What have you gotten into now? We were trying to sleep.

H-hey, you! Get us out of here! We'll put in a good word with Santa for you and your boyfriend! [DON'T LET THEM EAT US!] ... p-please? We won't even tell him about that naughty book you have. Come on...

... and if all I want is for you two to leave and never come back?

... uh... but... Santa... ugh, you're in so much trouble, Mike... ..n..noo... If you don't do this, you'll end on the naughty list! Santa's watching!

... hn. [Yeah... that's really helping your case, fellas.] Fine.

[The journal cuts off.]
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[Hello Luceti. You’re greeted by the sound of a journal opening and muttering. And in the far background, rustling. Like something is squirming around in the distance - wrapping, twining, growing.

We might have a problem here.]

Is there anyone in the village with extensive knowledge of fairy tales? We have a situation on our hands we could use some advice dealing with. [Or maybe even a rescue, but Law’s pride keeps him from saying that much - for now.]

Thorns. [Katara’s voice piped in.] Lots and lots of thorns. They’re growing and overtaking the house, and we’re not sure why.

We think they’re connected to a kidnapping effect. The lady affected has been in an unnaturally deep sleep for days and nothing seems to wake her. [Nothing. Not even beer bottles perched on her head. 8|a ] Has anyone heard of anything like this?

((This is an open post that can be fielded by anybody trapped in the house. Threadjack to your hearts’ content - Law’s journal is made to be snatched from him and anyone else who has it.))
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Sumire, quit it…

[Ah, the trials of pet ownership. Especially pet ownership on a Saturday morning when all you want to do is sleep in and the cat? The cat won’t quit until she gets a little love and attention.

Even if it means she has to use such underhanded tactics as kneading a guy in the breasts with her claws out.



[Yeah, he – wait, no, she, has nothing more to say about that. Female. Woman. Right. Like he… argh… SHE had a run in with Emporio Ivankov, and this is just a Devil Fruit effect. Rolling out of bed now. Staring in the mirror.]

[Okay. One thing more.]

… hnnn… great. I need coffee.

[And a bra. Or better yet, bindings. Icons really don’t do justice to how bosomy Law is for such a slender frame. OP woman you know.

Or she can just let it all hang free.

… so tempting right now…

But coffee first. PRIORITIES.]

[You can catch the lady in question stalking into town not too long after. You see… the clothing problem hasn’t stopped at bras and other lacy unmentionable related troubles. Comes with the territory of being a slender but muscular guy and suddenly finding yourself in possession of some damn hips – we don’t lie – but as tempting as just saying fuck it all and going stark naked, Law rather likes her dignity.

After that, it’s the flower shop for some seeds for herbs. Lunch is next… maybe she’ll even poke up to Cloud Nine out of curiosity, and then it’s time for some hardcore training just so she can get used to this body. Her center of gravity is so off right now.

After that… who knows? Lady Law here will be all over the place. Catch her wherever.]

((Tags will be answered with [personal profile] deathsdoctorine))
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[Due to unforeseen circumstances, Trafalgar Law did not manage to escape onto the ocean this week. Instead he did the next best thing. Locked his journal away and went about his business during the weekend, which entailed him covering shifts at the Battle Dome Clinic and teaching Combat Medicine Lessons (students, you have now been warned… there is a final exam approaching and the next few weeks are for putting everything you learned together and preparing).

With his weekend utterly gone, he’s going to claim Monday as his own. He will have one day in which he attempts to sleep in and not wake up at Ridiculous O’Clock, difficult as it may be, what with the constant insomnia and nightmares that plague him. But he is determined!

He wakes up at 3:45 am, as usual for a Monday, with the burning desire to make pancakes.

So much for sleeping in.

But you know something, pancakes are not meant to be shared alone. Absolutely not. And so, lying in bed, Law’s thoughts turn to plotting plots of the breakfast kind. There is someone out there deserving of a nice surprise breakfast – given, well everything. And that someone is still probably asleep and if he’s very, very sneaky about it, he might not wake him up until it’s almost finished.

So cut to CH2 around six am, and the smell of these beauties being fried up, along with tea being prepared, and a basket of mikan on the table.

... ah... surprise, Itachi?]

[Later on, and all through the week, Law can be seen everywhere in a remarkably deep seated mood of quiet contented happiness and peace. You can even say he’s glowing with it.

There’s love… and there is being mutually loved back.

There’s also a good chance he won’t be found alone.]
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This post is for threading with Trafalgar Law anytime and anywhere. It can be used for Action or the Ring feature on journals (voice or written) to get in contact with him for personal conversations. This will be used primarily for 'placement' threads such as: someone left a present or 'by the way, come to this party on such-and-such' or the like.

Note: When making a new thread, please title it like such:

[Action, January 3rd]
[Voice, March 8th]
[Written, June 11th]
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[ Not too long before the draftees are returned to Luceti, all snug and cosily tucked in their beds (or in random and embarrassing drop-off points in the enclosure – whatever works), a figure cloaked and hooded in black staggers into the village. Weaving like he’s dead drunk – reality? Dead tired – he occasionally trips and catches himself…

… and then…

… and then just faceplants in a snow drift when it becomes one trip too many. He’s just going to just stay there for a moment. He feels like shit.]


[Yeah. That’s enough of that. Picking himself up and dusting himself off, the figure reveals himself to be Trafalgar Law, freshly returned from one month full of missions.

Armed to the teeth. Worn to the bone and bleary eyed. And apparently lei’d.

… no, you aren’t imagining things - there is a tacky plastic floral garland hanging around his neck. Like you’d get on some cheap tropical vacation.

Don’t you dare suggest he’s been on one, folks.

And when he looks around, finally registering the Christmas lights and the general emptiness of the village, he mutters…]

Oi… what I’d miss?

[Go ahead. Spoil his triumphant tired return and tell him about all the draftees about to drop in. The draftees that possibly and quite probably need medical attention.

It isn’t like he desperately wants to find a bed and get some sleep. And it isn’t like he desperately needs that sleep either.

Not at all.]
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[So on the evening of the nineteenth, a message appears in Law’s journal. He takes one moment and groans. Now? Apparently the Malnosso were feeling generous. For a roughly month’s worth of missions, one right after the other, they in their infinite wisdom decided to give him more than a day’s notice to get his affairs in order.

They gave him a day – and looking at the clock – and seven hours notice. Be in the tunnels and transport at four am sharp on the 21st.


So, that night, two filtered messages go out:]

[Filtered TO all medical staff (including Raine Sage, Mia, and Litchi Faye Ling)]

I’ve just received two back to back missions from the Malnosso. I’m leaving early on the twenty first. Unfortunately, they want me for a month, roughly. So I need classes covered and someone to keep on top of everything going on at the clinic until I get back.

[Filtered AWAY from Blackbeard 100%]

Oi, guys. I’ve got a couple missions, and I’m going to be gone away for a while. I need someone to keep an eye on my boat. [Oh, he knows that some people might be opportunistic bastards. We shall be READY for that.] And, I need someone to take care of Sumire for me.

[The next day, aside from being all around the village and at home to prepare for this mission before he leaves to teach class at three sharp, he’s going to be visiting the FMA house, aka House 23 with a small request. HOPEFULLY he’ll get Gracia, but who knows… it might be –ohgodno- Maes.

But the request is simple.

Watch his house while he’s gone, guys.]
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[Ugh. Journal broadcasts to the entire community. He has never enjoyed this and never will. But shit needs to get done. So. Law’s just going to take a moment to procrastinate about the whole announcement business (UGH, did he mention he hates this), pull a brief face, and then flip open his journal to begin broadcasting.]

Hello, I’m Trafalgar Law, head of the Battle Dome Clinic. There are two clinics in Luceti, the one I just mentioned, and the one in the village proper, run by Litchi Faye Ling. If you are injured, have a pre-existing condition that needs treatment, or just want a check up, we are always available to help. As well, we are always looking for volunteers for both clinics, especially trained healers, nurses, and doctors. So if you’re interested in contributing, please speak to Doctor Faye-Ling or myself.

While we’re on this topic, there are other services we’ve put together in Luceti to ease the transition of adapting to community life. We have a Welcome Center, next to the Bakery and across from the Town Clinic, to help New Feathers get settled in. If you find yourself in trouble, or just feel unsafe in the village, there is also a safe house program run from there. Please speak to Miss Rydia about the particulars. And if you just need a friendly ear to talk things out, the SOS Brigade is available to listen and aid you with your problems.

[… that’s the intro. Now, getting into the meat of this.]

Unfortunately, one of the facts of life in this village is that we occasionally see quite a bit of combat. Mostly in the drafts that happen every couple months. I will say it now, if you are called up for one of those, there is no getting out of it by any means. The Malnosso are completely indiscriminate about their ‘volunteers’.

So if you are new, and especially if you have limited combat skills or are a non combatant altogether, it is something to start thinking of now. There is a school of combat run by Miss Buffy Summers, in which you will be matched with an appropriate teacher and trained in combat. There is also a group run by Miss Suki, geared towards teaching girls the arts of self defence, the Kyoshi Warriors. I highly recommend that non combatants or people who need their fighting skills honed at least check one of these groups out. It could mean all the difference.

Given this fact of life here, Doctor Faye-Ling, Raine Sage, and myself, have decided to put together a course for combat related first aid. No experience is necessary to take this class – we will take anyone of any skill level. We’ll be meeting every Wednesday and Sunday, from 3pm to 9 pm, in one of the Battle Dome Simulation chambers. However, for those interested, these lessons will be intensive and they are not for the squeamish. There’s a lot to go over and we will be practicing on simulated holographic injuries. Please take that into consideration before signing up. Thank you.

[((OOC: Lessons are detailed in this post here and are assumed handwaved unless players have something they really want played out. If your characters want to attend these lessons, but, for whatever reason, don't reply, please click on the above link and comment to the entry so I can keep track of who's in class. Thanks.))]
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[There’s such a depressed pall hanging over Luceti recently. Coming and goings from the village are common, but the disappearances have really taken their toll recently. So many in such a short period of time – mainstays and pillars of the community – just gone and the wave of them does not feel like it has subsided quite yet.

It sucks whatever joy there is to be had from a birthday. And Luceti? Today is one for Trafalgar Law.

He barely remembered. Not that he expects anyone else will. He’s told few and those few are all dealing with their own losses as he’s dealing with his. And with McCoy now gone, there isn’t much time to dwell on anything much as he takes over the other doctor’s share of shifts and sorts through whatever he left and was working on at the Battle Dome clinic.

Maybe it’s for the best no one will probably remember. He is in no mood for a party. But Law takes the day for himself anyway.

You can catch him in the morning around town fetching various things (namely booze), and from eleven thirty onwards into the afternoon at the docks, tending to the Shinonome so she’s ready to sail.

And before the afternoon is done, one 100% filtered message goes out over the journal to Uchiha Itachi:]

Care to join me down at the docks? Dress warmly and you might want to set out Amaya’s dinner for the night… and the next morning. There’s a nice wind tonight for a trip.

[He promised you a sail, remember?]

Oh, and Itachi? Would you bring along a bottle or two of your favorite drink? I figure it’s a night for it.
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[It finally came.

As they knew both it would. Had felt it coming in the wind for weeks.

They had been home together. And then something in the air turned bad, brushed against his senses, and he paused, going grey in the face. Put down the mug he was drying. And turned.

To see Bepo, looking just as unsettled. And suddenly… oh god… suddenly… Law felt himself in motion. Get to his nakama. Grab him. Keep him here. No. NOT YET.


“Captain! I’m sorry!”

And then… as his fingers touch fur. And feel the warmth of his closest nakama.



Snatched away as he was reaching out.

And then the world went black and the next thing Trafalgar Law knew was the sensation of his knees crashing to hit floor. Everything was cold.

He doesn’t know how long he stayed there like that. Perhaps hours. Probably hours. And then he gets to his feet and begins a slow, methodical sweep of the house. Bepo’s presence has been wiped clean. Bed nest – gone. Clothes – gone. Bits of fur that always collected in the shower – gone.

Drink. He needs a -

There’s Romulan Ale in the liquor cabinet.

When he finally addresses the network, there’s no life left in his voice. It might as well be a dead man speaking. Dead and numbed and slightly slurred for those sharp enough to hear:]

For those who knew him, Bepo has been returned home.

[And he shuts the journal. He’ll reply later. He does not want to hear ‘I’m sorry’ right now.

‘I’m sorry’ will haunt him the rest of his days here.]
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[It’s an overcast dawn. A small blessing. Because light smarts, and the glow creeping past his closed eyelids is irritating enough.

There is water all around him and he feels sick and powerless. From the noises around him, he can only guess he’s been dumped in the fountain, partly draped over the edge to keep him from drowning. It’s… not a good place to be, for a Hammer. The second feeling is something cold constricting around his throat.

The collar.

He snarls, trying to drag open his eyes. It does nothing, he knows, aside from push some very raw psychological buttons. A parting gift from the goddamn Malnosso. He had caused them so much trouble.]

… please, let it have been worth it.

[It was the only thing he had to hold onto there, and force of will lets him drag himself out of the water fully to flop on the ground. And he just lays there for a while, letting feeling and pain and sense of himself flow back in, and the blood trickling from his wounds to mix with the dust beneath him. Law hopes it remains quiet a little while longer – he could use the peace, despite the sickness that refuses to leave him. Drugged. He’s still drugged. That’s what it is.

But he can’t lie to himself. It’s not just drugs.

And then his fingers wrap around the metal choking him and tear, mindless of the damage it causes to his flesh, and the collar shatters. It was only cheap metal. Easily broken. Unlike the memories of…]

Fuckers. Fuckers.

[It does him no good to reflect on it. Or what Bepo could have experienced at their hands. But the memories parade themselves in front of him unwillingly – what they did to him, what they made him experience - what they made him experience again.

He pushes himself to his feet and starts walking... The condition of his body doesn’t matter. He’s only mostly dead. It shows - the wounds from when he was taken, the beatings from the guards, the tortures – and he doesn’t care. The open shirt and New Feather pants are plastered to him, and aren’t pristine white anymore. He doesn’t care. He can feel concern start to press on all sides around him – sharp and jagged, and he stumbles because he can feel it – and he doesn’t care.

He feels everyone nearby. It’s so---

Don’t touch him. Don’t TOUCH him. Fuck, he doesn’t care.

He just wants to get home.]

[OOC: Law’s Mallynap effect is that his Haki’s been awakened. More on what that is here. It’s untrained, and Law can’t filter anything out, so he’ll be sensing your character’s presence and intent if they approach. It grants a sort of empathy. It also allows him limited precognitive abilities, such as predicting the attacks of opponents before they come.

I’m having real troubles with LJ on my end, so tags might be sporadic. Hopefully LJ will iron itself out quickly enough that I don’t keep you waiting too long.]
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[Good evening, Luceti. Good evening, Community Housing Unit Two.

How is your night going? Are you with loved ones or friends tonight? Having dinner? Working? Perhaps, just perhaps, you’re contemplating turning in early for the night. It’s peaceful, as evenings go, after all. The stars are bright, the winds soft and perfumed with the scents of the nearby forests.

And over the journal, there it is…

… the sound of glass breaking. A book falling and thudding open… a snarl.

Here we go, that same old song and dance.]

Wha--- [ka-chink] WATCH OUT, BEPO!

[It happens with brutal speed and the journal window is obscured in blinding blue flaring light and shouts and screams and panic are drowned out in the sound of crashing and the ever rising roar of destruction and tremors that crescendos with an explosion. An explosion that tears out the exterior walls of Apartment 40 and most of the roof above it upwards and outwards in a cloud of concrete and twisted metal and other debris to fall like rain below.

Michael Bay would be proud.

And then a soft voice, horrified:]


[The voice changes then, becomes cold and unyielding as something looms into view. It is limned with blue fire and heavily bleeding, and it wields a sword.]

… listen up and listen well, you and your masters eavesdropping, because I’m going to say this only once. No one fucks with a man’s nakama and should expect to live. You want me?

[Death beckons.]


[And everything is drowned out in light and fury and rips outward from the apartment, ripping and slashing through the walls to the rest of floor eight and through the floor downwards to leave gaping rifts and wreckage in its path all the way to the sixth, and the roar only rises and the building shakes again.

Then it stops.

Eerie silence reigns.]

B-bepo? [COUGH. HACK. The sounds of someone dragging themselves across the floor.] … still alive. [The voice is wavering, relieved, before steeling.] Still alive.

[Bloody tattooed fingers pull the book closer, and something drips on the pages, and the man makes another wet, hacking sound.]

That can’t be…

… all of them…

[ And through that crimson veil, NOW you see it, in amidst all the wreckage and blood splattered everywhere, the remains of droids. The undefeated droids. Now empty eyed and shattered and reduced to no more than useless pieces. They don’t even twitch… just spark. Impossible, isn’t it? But long moments pass and yet…

No more come.

Look. The impossible is impossible no more.]

OOC information be here. )
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[Coming from here there is a voice coming from the journals, and just a voice. There is no portrait or video because, you know...

Trafalgar Law is just too fucking busy.

You might recognise his voice though, you might not. This voice belonged to the one running the medical center during the farmlands draft. But. The easy, laid back tones are gone. In their place? Hardness, crispness, bluntness. A near military sharpness. Calm, but there is an icy undercurrent and a steel resolve.

This is the Captain speaking. And he wants your attention.

Shit needs to be done. Someone has to step up.]

Attention everyone. The Town Clinic has been destroyed. [And Law is terribly, TERRIBLY grumpy about this fact.] All wounded must be brought to the Battle Dome for treatment. We need any and all individuals with any medical knowledge or healing abilities to pitch in, whether it's to operate, run triage, or nurse the wounded, and we need you all now. We also need people to search for wounded and to bring back any survivors. [Oooor pull them out of the line of fire. Same diff, really.]

As well, we need volunteers to donate blood. The Medical Center's supplies are running low.

[Short, sweet, direct, and done. Now back to work, and chaos and the choking scent of blood.

Medicine at its finest.

So here it is, doctors, healers, and helpers of Luceti. Your call to arms.

Strap on your boots, steel your nerves, and prepare yourself.

It's time to roll.]

((OOC: This is an shoutout and organizational post for all the medics and rescuers looking to get in on the action but not sure how to insert their characters, as well as for people to just react and find each other in the chaos. The actual healing thread is here. Law will not be answering every thread... he's a busy guy, and if he does, he'll be pretty blunt and looking to keep things short, so I HIGHLY encourage threadjack everywhere for everyone.

Go nuts folks. |D))
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[Today seems to be the day for announcements like this. And this? He confirmed the morning of the experiment’s end. Written in a starkly elegant hand is this simple message:]

For those who knew him, Uchiha Itachi has been returned home.

[The message is anonymous and untraceable – though there are people out there who will recognise his handwriting. He doesn’t really want to reply – he’s too drained. He’s still striving for emotional equilibrium – rage and bloodlust and pain surging repeatedly and then ebbing away to leave him spent and hollow. His powers are a choppy sea – unstable – and he needs to find his center again.

Bil’s in the village. Untouchable. He’s read the Malnosso’s post a hundred times, and all the conversations that he could access… gleaned what could be gleaned, drawn new conclusions, confirmed and discarded old ones, and made unsettling new projections. And these means for uncertain ends? He doesn’t care if he had the purest of intentions (he did not) or the best of reasons – this is not something to be forgiven. Or forgotten.

… this threatens to make a smoker of him yet.

But the experiment’s taught him the importance of memories and how important it is to remember. Even if no one else cares to… even if he doesn’t want to for many things – he must. Memories are important things. And in the end, memories are sometimes the only proof of existence. He shall not forget.

Goodbye, Uchiha Itachi, for now. Trafalgar Law will remember you for as long as he is able.

… for as long as he is here.]


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